EMEA Morning Conference: Omicron Effect and Stocks

EMEA morning conference: Omicron effect and stocks – During the current explosion of the Omicron variant, a small study of humans found a milder disease pattern than in previous waves. However, experts suggest that it is too early to draw preliminary conclusions at this stage.

The Biden administration is adapting to authorize an enhanced COVID-19 vaccine to contest Omicron. A South African study suggests that the rapidly spreading variant may lead to less severe disease. Agency officials have met with the vaccine developers. They are working to establish guidelines for the types of data needed to quickly evaluate the effectiveness of changes to current vaccines.

China Tariffs Fuel Boom in the U.S. – Against the Backdrop of Omicron

U.S. trade with Taiwan is gradually developing. The self-governing island pays for the need for computer chips. Returns firms from China, where many exports to the U.S., counting electronics, are subject to 25% imposts.

Taiwan currently ranks 8th in trade with the U.S. The United States exported a record $72 billion worth of goods in the 12 months to September. This is a 70% increase from 2017.

Did Omicron End the Year for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had their days off. This is another sign that investors are pulling back even more at the end of the year. This is due to the risky bets after last week’s stock exchange sale.

The largest cryptocurrency at market value fell to $42,000 on Saturday, more than 20% overnight but stabilized. It traded around $49,200 on Sunday evening, down 8% from Friday. And since the beginning of December, Bitcoin has fallen by about 14%.

European Stocks and Omicron

European promotions will open on Monday. Investors continue to monitor the variability of the Omicron Covid option and Bitcoin. The FTSE is 56 points higher at 7165. The DAX index rose to 15259, for a total of 136 points. The CAC 40 rose 72 points to a total of 6,815. The FTSE MIB rose to 26107 and increased 199 points.

Experts suggest that European markets are ready for a positive start to the trading week. However, globally, the picture is less straightforward and mixed. Asia-Pacific shares fell on Monday. Investors have been controlling bitcoin prices since they plummeted over the weekend. At the same time, oil prices jumped by more than 2% during the early Asian trade.

Even after a week lost on Wall Street in the U.S., stock futures were higher. Investors turned down the shares because of concerns over the new Omicron Covid option and tightening of the Federal Reserve policy. At least 16 U.S. states have recently discovered a variant of the omicron coronavirus. Significant sales of technology stocks also spread to cryptocurrencies last Friday. The fall of Bitcoin has shaken the stability of other currencies as well.

Omicron Effect on Asia

Stocks in Asia were mixed on Monday. The giant Evergrande fell by more than 10%. This is after the property developer warned of possible cross-defaults on dollar bonds; After the company was asked to repay its $260 million debt. However, losses in the region were subdued, which helped boost U.S. stock futures.

According to Jeffrey Halley, a senior market analyst, in current studies, the symptoms of Omicron were milder than previous incarnations. Infected patients who were admitted to the hospital had concomitant primarily diseases. It is worth noting that the sample size is small at this stage. However, representatives of the medical field and competent persons continue to study a new type of study.

The Russell 2000 benchmark fell 7.4%. The S&P 500 Major Capital Index fell 3.5%. Hedge funds endure wide losses on the biotechnology route.




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