The Wall Street Journal: Biden sets sights on winning conservative Democrat Manchin’s vote for Build Back Better bill

WASHINGTON — President Biden this week will lobby Sen. Joe Manchin, the centrist West Virginia Democrat, in an attempt to lock in a deal on a roughly $2 trillion social-policy and climate bill that Democrats hope to finish by Christmas.

Washington Watch: Biden redoubles Build Back Better push as Republicans claim inflation rate demonstrates Democrats’ ‘incompetence’

Passage hinges largely on the support of Manchin, who hasn’t endorsed the legislation. He has repeatedly raised concerns about the cost of the bill and the potential effect of new government spending on inflation. Messrs. Biden and Manchin plan to talk early this week, a Senate aide said.

Sen. Joe Manchin leaves an October meeting in Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s office at the Capitol.

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

In recent weeks, lawmakers have hashed out deals to avoid a government shutdown and pass the annual defense-policy bill, which outlines military projects and authorizes pay raises. Lawmakers will vote this week on a measure to raise the debt limit, under a bipartisan deal that authorized a one-time suspension of Senate rules requiring 60 votes to pass such legislation and allowing a simple majority instead. It has been a rare swirl of productivity for the chamber.

Passing the social-program and climate bill known as Build Back Better will be a different challenge, as no Republicans are expected to support it and all 50 senators in the Democratic caucus will have to agree to it. The bill passed the House last month. If senators change it too broadly, they could lose support from lawmakers when they send it back to the House — where they can’t lose more than three votes.

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